Wednesday, November 10, 2010

SEC Division Titles Could be Decided this Weekend

With only a few weeks remaining in the season, both SEC Divisions could be decided this weekend. With Alabama’s loss to LSU over the weekend, the Auburn Tigers have separated themselves from the pack, while South Carolina’s usual late season slip ups have allowed the Florida Gators to creep back into the picture in the East.

Since we know that this weekend’s match will settle the East, we will start there. South Carolina travels down to the swamp to take on the Florida Gators this weekend. Both teams enter the matchup with a 4-3 SEC record, meaning the team who wins takes home the SEC East with them. Neither South Carolina or Florida have a remaining SEC opponent on their schedules so there is no other combinations that could decide who will go onto Atlanta.

The West is a different story. Again, Auburn has a commanding lead with a 6-0 record in the SEC over LSU and Alabama. Auburn can seal the Western Division with a victory over rival Georgia this weekend on the plains. However, should Auburn some how loose to the Bulldogs, the door for what ifs swings wide open. If Auburn looses, it opens the door for LSU and Alabama, though the road for Alabama requires a few more steps than LSU.

For LSU to win the West, Auburn would have to loose Georgia and Alabama. They would also have to beat Ole Miss and Arkansas to wrap up their season. The Ole Miss game at home shouldn’t be too difficult, however the Arkansas game remains their toughest matchup with it being on the road. If Auburn loses both and LSU wins both of their remaining SEC game, LSU would go to Atlanta since they only have one loss in the conference to Auburn. Should Auburn beat either Georgia of Alabama, LSU would not go.

As for Alabama, a few more things would have to happen. First, Auburn again would have to loose to Georgia this weekend and then Alabama would have to beat them in the Iron Bowl at the end of the season. This would put both teams at two losses and the tie breaker would go to Alabama in the head to head victory. The second thing that would have to happen would be for LSU to lose to Arkansas. In this scenario, since Auburn and Alabama had beaten Arkansas, the tie breaker would again go to the team who won the Iron Bowl.  For an even longer stretch, let’s say LSU loses Arkansas, and there becomes a four team tie with Auburn, Alabama, LSU, and Arkansas all at a 6-2 SEC record. In the head to head matchups, Alabama and Auburn would both be 2-1 since they both beat Arkansas, Alabama beat Auburn, and Auburn beat LSU. LSU lost to Arkansas and Auburn and Arkansas lost to Alabama and Auburn, so they would be out. That would leave the tie break going to the winner of the Alabama and Auburn matchup in which Alabama would have won.

With all of the crazy scenarios in the West and a definite winner decided in the East, this weekend in the SEC could be the final nail in the coffin for some teams, or be the first step in many  that would lead to a the SEC West winner.


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