Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Masoli Ruled ineligible for 2010 Season

Mississippi%20Rebels When Jeremiah Masoli transferred to Ole Miss from Oregon, he thought he could step right in based on a waiver that allows students who have graduated from one school to play immediately at another if they choose to enroll in a graduate program not offered at the student’s previous institution. However, the NCAA had other ideas, denying his waiver and ruling he is unable to play until the 2011 season.

When the NCAA told Ole Miss AD about the decision, they gave him two main reasons why Masoli was given the denial.

“First was that Jeremiah would have not been eligible for the 2010 season at his previous institution (Oregon),” said Boone. “The second was the time frame discrepancy between the previous institution and Jeremiah regarding when the institution said they dismissed Jeremiah and when he decided to transfer.”

Ole Miss will appeal the decision.


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