Thursday, September 9, 2010

AJ Green Suspended for 4 Games

georgia_bulldogs-3 Last week the University of Georgia sidelined their star wide receiver because they didn’t know what the outcome was going to be in a NCAA investigation into A.J. Green. Turns out it was a smart move, because Wednesday, the NCAA suspended Green four four games.

While most thought the investigation was into whether or not Green attended a agent hosted party in Miami, the true reason for the investigation was to determine if Green had violated NCAA rules by selling his Independence Bowl jersey for $1,000. To make the situation worse, it turned out that he sold the jersey to someone who the NCAA would characterize as an agent, though selling of memorabilia is against the rules as well. The NCAA has said that Green has paid the money received to charity.

Since Green has already sat out one game, he must also sit out the Bulldogs’ next three games in which UGA plays three SEC opponents including this weekend’s game against South Carolina which many feel is a play in game for the SEC East title. A.J. is eligible to return for the game against Colorado on Oct. 2nd.


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