Friday, July 9, 2010

USC Puts its Foot in its Mouth

usc20sucks When the University of South California hired Lane Kiffin as its new football coach, we knew it wouldn’t be long before they would be apologizing for something he said, much like we saw while he was in Knoxville. However, this time it isn’t  Kiffin that USC must apologize, however it may be a mater of time. This time the blame goes to Matt Billings, who is Southern Cal’s director of compliance.

Billing wrote a letter to the Pac-10 office stating that 5 teams, including the University of Alabama, had inappropriately contacted freshman running back Dillon Baxter after sanctions had been brought against the Trojans football program.

According to the report from the letter stated,”I just met with (Dillon Baxter) and he told me that he received phone calls from five institutions. All of the institutions asked if he was interested in transferring from USC due to the NCAA decision. Would you please speak with these schools to remind them they cannot speak to this student athlete?”

The University of Alabama did deny all accusations brought by the letter and now after a internal investigation by USC, the University of Alabama Athletic Director Mal Moore has received a letter of apology from USC’s Athletic Director Mike Garrett. The four other institutions including Florida, Washington, Oregon, and Fresno State have also received a letter of apology.

Looks like Kiffin has brought his since that “all publicity is good publicity” motto to LA. Not far behind it will be a 7-6 record like he brought to Tennessee last season.


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