Thursday, July 22, 2010

More Details Emerge in Marcell Dareus Story


With all of the recent news of the University of Alabama and NCAA investigators now looking into whether Marcell Dareus had inappropriate dealings with an agent at a party in Miami, some news from a friend of the Dareus family paints a different picture on the trip that may cost Dareus his eligibility for the 2010 season.
A friend close to the family says that Marcell was unaware that the party held last May in South Beach was being held by a agent. In fact, the trip was a way to get away from the pain of his mother who was close to death in their home. The trip was a invitation from a friend and now main suspect in the case, Marvin Austin, who has lead investigators to Alabama and Marcell’s door.
The trip was a gift from Austin who told Dareus that if Alabama won the National Championship he would take his friend anywhere he wanted. Even though Austin said he would pay for the trip. Austin did in fact pay for the air fare, but a source close to the family says that Dareus paid Austin for the plane ticket and even as a  receipt showing it. Austin is said to have also paid for a hotel room, but Marcell never used the room the source says.
As for the party held by the agent, Dareus does admit that he did attend the party his friend invited him to not knowing if was being held by and agent, and as soon as he was told who the host was he left. Shortly after the event, Dareus received the unfortunate news that his mother had passed and returned to Birmingham.
The Tuscaloosa News has reported that Marcell has been ruled ineligible for the 2010 season, though no official release from the University of Alabama has been made in regards to the situation.


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