Thursday, June 3, 2010

Could The SEC Really Expand?

The SEC began its spring meetings this week in Florida and the hot issue on everyone’s mind seemed to be whether or not the SEC would expand its conference from the 12 current members. Expansion, not only in the SEC but around college football, has been a hotbed for rumors and speculation this summer.

I mean, why would the SEC even think of adding more teams to probably the most successful college football conference there is. The SEC has won the last four football national championships, and most preseason polls show that the conference has a good chance at winning the next one.

With all the chatter going around, why not add my two cents into the conversation? Here are my four teams that if the SEC did decide to expand would be the top possibilities, and NO, Texas is not in it. The chance of the University of Texas leaving the Big 12 is slim, and unless the Big 12 gets busted up somehow, they aren’t going anywhere. So here we go.

1. Florida State: The Seminoles take the top spot because well, it just makes sense. They have the history and name recognition you see in the SEC. Let’s face it, they have had some disappointing seasons here recently, but you know they will be back on top again at some point. Also, imagine going to a FSU vs. Florida game where the win wasn’t only for bragging rights but has conference implications.

2. Clemson: When you think of the Tigers you think first of their awesome stadium and facilities, not to mention the team has an amazing following. Again, add some more significance to the in-state rivalry with South Carolina and you would see it ranked up there with the Iron Bowl and Florida vs. UGA game. We also know that Clemson would put people in the stands and compete with most if not all the SEC teams on any given Saturday. Think back to the matchup between Alabama and Clemson, which kicked off the season and sold out the Georgia Dome in Atlanta.

3. Georgia Tech: The battle between Clemson and Georgia Tech was close, the facilities of Clemson matched with the fact that the Atlanta market is pretty much already saturated with UGA fans. Remember though that Georgia Tech does have the history that we have come to love with SEC teams and they were a member of the SEC at one time, so we know it would work. Their only downfall is they do have to compete for love against UGA.

4. Louisville: My last and dark horse team is Louisville. Let’s remember that Petrino left the Cardinals with a pretty impressive football program foundation. Also, we aren’t just talking football with expansions but every other team that go along with the University. So add the fact that Louisville basketball team would add another legitimate team to the league. They are definitely worth a look.

So expand or not to expand, that is the question. The possibility is out there, but we will have to wait and see if another major conference makes the first move. For now, it will be a wait and see, but it will definitely add some interesting debates come fall.


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