Friday, May 7, 2010

How bad do Alabama fans love the Tide?

What is the best way to gauge how much a program’s fan base cares about their team? How about counting the number of fans that show up to their teams spring scrimmage games.

This year, no other school in the country had more fans show up than the University of Alabama. The A-Day game brought 91,312 people through the gates at Bryant Denny. So, again, how bad do Alabama fans love their Tide? It is clear they love them.

In close second place was Nebraska, who had 77,936 cornhuskers show up. That’s more than 13,000 less that showed up in Tuscaloosa.

Making the top five also, were Ohio State, Auburn, and Penn State. If you combine the Alabama and Auburn crowds, that over 155,000 people who attended their respected games, by the way that’s about 3.5% of the state of Alabama’s population.


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