Sunday, March 14, 2010

What to Watch for in Spring Practice: RBs



Running Backs:

Now that we know who will probably be taking snaps for the Tide after this spring. Let’s look at who they will most likely be handing the ball off to.

Coming off a season where he became the first player from the University of Alabama to win a Heisman Trophy, Mark Ingram is no doubt top on the depth chart. I mean how on earth could you possibly replace a Heisman Trophy winner. We also know who is the definite number two man in the backfield, that being the lightning to Ingram’s thunder Trent Richardson.

The next question for those two really is how you divide the carries between the two. While neither are the type to demand more carries than the other, they will both probably get all the carries they want or need. Plus, even if Trent doesn’t get all the carries he wants, he will get all he can handle next season if Ingram leaves early for the draft.

That leaves us with Lacy, Fowler, Grant, and Griffin to decide what to do something with. Lacy has had all the Tide fans in a frenzy since Alabama got his commitment. Lacy definitely stands out  among the crowd as the number 3 back. Look for him to resemble Roy Upchurch last year. He will get some carries from time to time, and probably have some plays for him to get out of the backfield in some open space. However, he can’t be seen as a specific third down/ short yardage back because the two runners in front of him handle both.

Fowler will be most likely redshirted this year allowing him to learn from those guys ahead of him. As for Grant, Griffin, and Goode playing time may come scarce. Each one will have to make a name for themselves and try to make sure people know who they are with such a large shadow over them in Ingram and Richardson.


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