Sunday, March 28, 2010

Star Jackson Sidelined at Spring Practice

Backup quarterback Star Jackson has been sidelined at spring practice until he fixes his off  the field academic problems.

Star has missed the last two spring practices and will not be allowed to participate until his academics are fixed.

Saban had a few comments on the situation Saturday saying;

"We have a system around here for academics and guys have to conform to the system," 

"When a guy doesn't do what he's supposed to do in school, there's a point I don't let him participate until he gets it straightened out. He gets it straightened out the next few days or week, we'll let him back out to practice. Right now he's allowed to come to the meetings and when we go practice he has to do school work.”

Saban did also comment on Star’s on the field work, but again reminded those in attendance how important grades are to student athletes.

"Star's worked hard, he's done a nice job this spring, did a good job in the offseason program. But what's going to affect his quality of life more than anything else is when he graduates from school."

With Jackson on the sideline, A.J. McCarron most likely solidifies himself as the Tide’s number one backup this season.


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