Wednesday, December 30, 2009

A Look Back at 2009: #4

#4- Alabama vs. Tennessee: Mount Cody Blocks Game Winning Field Goal

Our number four moment of 2009 may be the scariest moment for all Alabama fans in the season thus far. It happened on the last play of the game when Terrence "Mount" Cody blocked Tennessee's try for a game winning field goal to ruin Alabama's perfect season.

The craziest thing is that it was his second field goal block of the game. Not too many people can say they have done that in their career. The best part happened after the play when the crazed Cody sprinted (all 365 pounds) to the sideline with a fire in his eyes I haven't seen before. Plus not too many people could even withstand a football to the chest like he did and run off the field.

This play along with many others has made Mount Cody the thing of legend at the capstone.

Carpenter Returns to Practice

Alabama's starting Left Tackle James Carpenter returned to practice on Tuesday. He had missed practice Monday with the flu, and looks to be ready to play in the National Championship Game.

Alabama's starting cornerback Marquis Johnson also practiced on Tuesday with a cast on his hand. Reports say that he looked better and he should also be ready to go next week.

The Tide practiced in full pads Tuesday in their preperation for their game against Texas.

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

A look Back at 2009

Before we look ahead at the BCS National Championship, let's take a look at the season's accomplishments that are already behind us. I will post the top five moments of 2009 for the Tide. I will start today with number 5, leading to the number one moment on New Year's Eve.

So here we go...

#5- Alabama vs. UTC Mocs: Javier Arenas' Punt Return

While many things happened in the Tide's domination on the UTC Mocs this year. The one thing that we can all take from that game is Javier Arenas' 66 yard punt return for a touchdown in the second quarter. The return was a record breaking 7th career punt return touchdown. Javy has by far been the fan favorite since he showed up on campus and his sprint that day down the right sideline put his name in the record books for a long time.

Johnson and Carpenter miss Practice

Two of the University of Alabama's starters missed parts or all of practice on Monday the Tuscaloosa New Reports. They both were out for health or injury reasons. Johnson was seen with a cast on and Carpenter was sick with the flu.

Both are expected to play in the National Championship game against Texas.

Monday, December 21, 2009

Kareem Jackson applies for Draft Status

Kareem Jackson has applied for his draft status with the National Football League Draft Advisory Board. The NFLDAB will let him know what they think his draft potential is and where he may fall in the 2010 NFL Draft.

Jackson has started all 13 games for the Tide this season and has 46 tackles to his name. Three of those tackles are for a loss. He has broken up 12 passes and has 1 interception which he returned for 79 yards.

Given that Javier Arenas, Marquis Johnson, and Justin Woodall are all seniors. If Jackson leaves too, Mark Barron will be the only secondary starter on the team left for next season.

Saturday, December 19, 2009

Tide Set to send 5 players in Senior Bowl

The Alabama Crimson Tide will have 5 players take the field in the Senior Bowl this year. Four of them are All-Americans. This is the first time four All-Americans from the same team will play together in the game.

The Tide will send cornerback Javier Arenas, offensive guard Mike Johnson, nose guard Terrence Cody, kicker Leigh Tiffin, and tight end Colin Peek.

Friday, December 18, 2009

Mark Ingram Named Player of the Year

The Sporting News has selected Alabama's Mark Ingram as National Player of the Year. They also named Ingram SEC Offensive MVP.

The Publication named a total of six Tide players to their All-American Team.

They include Tide players, Leigh Tiffin, Mike Johnson, Terrence Cody, Rolando McClain and Javier Arenas.

Nick Saban Named Finalist for Bryant Award

Every year the Paul “Bear” Bryant Award is awarded to the coach of the year. The award also helps raise money for The American Heart Association to help fight heart disease and stroke.

Saban was named a finalist last year and won the award at LSU in 2003.

Here are the other finalist named on Thursday:

Mack Brown – Texas
Jim Harbaugh – Stanford
Paul Johnson – Georgia Tech
Chip Kelly – Oregon
Chris Petersen – Boise State
Kevin Sumlin – Houston

The winner will be announced on January 14th.

Thursday, December 17, 2009

Sedrick Irvin expected to move to Memphis

Sedrick Irvin is expected to become the new Memphis running backs coach under their new head coach Larry Porter. Irvin, is now an intern at Alabama who works with Bama's running backs. This reports comes from the Tuscaloosa news who quotes the Memphis Commercial Appeal website.

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Another First By Bama

Alabama's long tradition in football just set another first for any school in the land. Yesterday, when the AP All-American Team was announced, Alabama made history by being the first school to ever have 6 players named to the team. Until yesterday, Oklahoma had the record with 5 athletes making the team.

Here is a list of the Bama players who made the team:

Running Back Mark Ingram

Linebacker Rolando McClain

Defensive tackle Terrence Cody

Cornerback Javier Arenas

Offensive Guard Michael Johnson

Kicker Leigh Tiffin

Both Mark Ingram and Rolando McClain were unanimous additions, and Terrence Cody is now on the team for the second consecutive year.

Ingram Wins Heisman

Mark Ingram became the Univeristy of Alabama's first Heisman Trophy winner ever.

Ingram edged out Stanford's Toby Gerhart by 28 points. This was the Heisman's tightest race ever in the 75 year history of the award. Of the six voting regions, Ingram won four, with Gerhart winning the West and Suh of Nebraska taking the Southwest.

Here is how the voting broke down:

Player / 1st Place Votes / Total Points

Mark Ingram 227 /1,304

Toby Gerhart 222 /1,276

Colt McCoy 203 /1,145

Ndamukong Suh 161/ 815

Tim Tebow 43/ 390

Thursday, December 10, 2009

Saban Named Finalist

Nick Saban has been named one of the seven finalists for the Eddie Robinson Award. The award is given each year to the best coach in college football. Nick Saban has already been named the SEC coach of the year.

Coach Saban won the award last year, and won it the first time when he was at LSU in 2003.

Here is the list of other finalists:

Mack Brown- Texas

Paul Johnson- Georgia Tech

Brian Kelly- Cincinnati

Chip Kelly- Oregon

Gary Patterson- TCU

Chris Peterson- Boise State

The winner will be named on January 5th.

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Smart Named Top Assistant Coach of the Year

Alabama's Defensive Coordinator Kirby Smart was given the Broyles Award given to the nation's top assistant coach.

Now, with all the speculation about him leaving to go back to UGA to coach, Kirby says that he and his family are happy at Alabama.

Who wouldn't be!!

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

McClain Takes Butkus Award

Alabama's linebacker Rolando McClain has been awarded the 2009 Butkus Award for the nation's top linebacker.

Was there any question after the hurt he brought to Florida last weekend.

Rolando becomes the second linebacker at Alabama to win the award. The other is Derrick Thomas who won it in 1988.

Mark Ingram Headed to New York!!!

Alabama's Mark Ingram has been invited to New York as a finalist for the Heisman Trophy. After another unbelievable performance last weekend, we knew he was a lock to get the invite, but now he seems the Tide's best hope ever to win the award.

The other Finalists are Toby Gerhart, Ndamikong Suh, Colt McCoy, and Tim Tebow.

Ingram will be the first Tide player since 1994, when Jay Barker was invited to New York for the ceremony.

Monday, December 7, 2009

SEC Championship Highlights.

Here are the highlights from the SEC Championship versus Florida.

Roll Tide!!!

Friday, December 4, 2009

Welcome to the Main Event

Well it is the game we have all been waiting for. Saban and the Tide get a second chance at the SEC Championship and second shot against the Florida Gators. Going into this weekend, all I have heard is Tebow this and Tebow that. I give the guy credit for possibly being the college game's best quarter back ever, but i think our friend Rolando McClain will have something to say about that this weekend and will have an extra eye on the so-called Superman.

So as I've been sitting here listening to the Atlanta radio stations say we don't have a shot. It reminded me of the Sugar Bowl in 1992 when the professionals said we didn't have a shot at winning that game either. So I received an email with a newspaper article written the day before the Sugar Bowl was played and i had to share it with everyone going into Saturday's game the underdog.

"Miami will blow away Alabama"
Los Angeles Daily News article by Michael Ventre Jan. 1, 1993
NEW ORLEANS -- Miami is No. 1. It will stay that way. Alabama doesn't have a hope, or a prayer, or a shot in the dark of upsetting the Hurricanes for the national championship in tonight's Sugar Bowl. And it won't even be close. Alabama will be trounced, clobbered, mauled, devastated, humiliated and left for dead. The Crimson Tide will not roll, not even a little bit. Tonight you will experience low Tide. Probably even ebb Tide. You wouldn't even have to hike up your pant legs to wade in what be left of this Tide after the Hurricanes pass through. Here are the reasons why:

Reason No. 1: ATTITUDE The Alabama people are just too darned nice. They're too respectful. All their players act as if Bear Bryant is waiting in the woodshed with a whittled switch if they misbehave. This may be OK in the SEC, where everybody is like that. But how can you build up a nice healthy hatred for a renegade school like Miami if you spend most of your time acting like Sunday school teachers? You may not like Miami, but they have an attitude. And you NEED an attitude. Just listen to Miami wide receiver Lamar Thomas: "I try to talk to the defensive back as much as possible. When he starts listening, that's when I know I have him in my back pocket."

Reason No. 2: AIR POWER Alabama believes in establishing its running game. That's dandy, except for the fact that tonight the only running the Crimson Tide will do is running onto the field, and then running off it. Alabama will not be able to move the ball. It won't be able to BUDGE the ball. You will need calipers to measure Alabama's productivity on the ground. So then the Alabama players will have to throw. And they won't be able to do that, either. And they'll commit turnovers. And then the Miami players will boogie and gyrate as they create a new dance for the occasion. See, Alabama's quarterback is a guy named Jay Barker. He is a nice young man, and when he regains consciousness late tonight, I hope he has a plan for the future that features him as a constructive member of society. Because when the fraternity brothers of I Slamma 'Bama get through with him, the only football he'll ever want to play is Nintendo. Miami, on the other hand, has a Heisman Trophy winner at quarterback in Gino Torretta, a formidable offensive line and a fine group of receivers. "We're too talented," Miami wideout Kevin Williams said. He speaks the truth.

Reason No. 3: COACHING Don't get me wrong. I like Gene Stallings. He's a terrific coach. He has restored much of the luster to the Alabama tradition. And he has his club on the brink of a national title. But he made a big boo-boo Thursday night. He kept his players at their hotel, the Hilton, instead of packing them up and taking them to some secret location, a la John Thompson of Georgetown and, for that matter, Dennis Erickson of Miami. "They showed Bourbon Street on TV," Erickson said Thursday. "I'm glad I wasn't there. It's unbelievable, all the hoopla....We'll go to someplace so remote even I won't know where it is." That's good. For a game of this magnitude, you have, in no particular order, groupies, derelicts, boosters, maniacs, spouses of boosters, students, drifters, children of boosters and drunken rednecks scattered throughout the teams' hotels, trying to get a piece of the action. This isn't good.. On the night before a game, the team needs to stay together, avoid distractions at all costs and focus on the task at hand. Stallings, though, has chosen to keep his team in the middle of the madness. Big mistake. Most teams look confused and disoriented against Miami anyway. Tonight Alabama will look that way during pre-game introductions.

Reason No. 4: KARMA You just get the overwhelming feeling that its Miami's year again. Little things are adding up. Alabama lost one of its best linebackers for the Sugar Bowl when Michael Rogers was injured in a Christmas Eve car accident. Miami survived the Pell Grant scandal and Hurricane Andrew and the loss of star defensive end Rusty Medaris and is still brazen as ever.
Tonight the Tide won't roll. It will roll over.

So looks like there was a lot of doubt about the Tide going into that game as well, and we all know how that game ended. It has also been a while since the Crimson Tide was considered an underdog (vs Clemson and UGA in 2008) and we know how much these guys love that persona and that helps them to elevate their game to rise to the occasion.

So while they may have superman on their side, I think we still have a great shot at this one as well.


Alabama WINS 28-17.


Thursday, December 3, 2009

Alabama Leads Nation in All-Americans

The University of Alabama led the nation with 4 players named to the All-American team. The closest team to the Tide was the Texas Longhorns who had 3 players selected to the team.

The Tide's four players selected are Running Back Mark Ingram, Offensive Guard Mike Johnson, Linebacker Rolando McClain, and CB Javier Arenas.

There are a few other SEC players named on the list however Alabama is the only SEC school with more than one player making the list.

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Ingram named finalist

Alabama's Mark Ingram was named one of five finalists for the Walter Camp Player of the Year Award. The other finalist are Tim Tebow, Colt McCoy, Ndamukong Suh, and Case Keenum. He is the only running back to make the final list.

Dunlap Suspended Indefinitely

Florida's defensive end Carlos Dunlap has been suspended indefinitely and will not play Saturday in the SEC Championship against Alabama. With him on the sidelines, Bama's offensive line should have an easier time with the Florida pass rush, especially in long third down situations.

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Florida's Defensive End Arrested

Looking towards this weekend, I'm sure both Alabama and Florida's teams are looking for a good time to be had by all. However, the person who is enjoying himself the most going into the weekend is Florida's star defensive end Carlos Dunlap. He was arrested last night for drinking and driving after being found asleep at the wheel at a green light. Coach Urban Myer will make his comments this afternoon after the teams practice. This should be interesting.