Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Weekend Preview: Auburn Tigers

Weekend Preview: Auburn Tigers

The Iron Bowl is finally here. The Crimson Tide will travel down to the plains to go up against their in-state rival the Auburn Tigers. Last year at home Alabama was finally able to break the losing streak against the tiger convincingly as they beat them 36 to 0, which is the largest margin of victory in the rivalry since 1962. The Tide comes in 11-0 to face the 7-4 Tigers who would love nothing more to ruin the Tide’s perfect season. However, as we all know, this Friday the records of the two teams will both go out of the window and both will probably play one of their best games of the season.

The Tigers have played well at home with a record of 6-1 in Jordan-Hare Stadium. Their only lose coming when they hosted the Kentucky Wildcats, losing 21-14.

By the numbers, on offense Auburn averages more Total Yards, Passing Yards, and Points Scored. Alabama only has a slight edge on the ground. Here is how the number break down. How the two teams rank in the NCAA is in parenthesis.

Total Yards:
Alabama: 418 yards per game (30)
Auburn: 441.5 yards per game (16)

Passing Yards:
Alabama: 198 yards per game (96)
Auburn: 234.7 yards per game (54)

Rushing Yards:
Alabama: 225 yards per game (10)
Auburn: 219.5 yards per game (11)

Points Scored:
Alabama: 32.2 points per game (24)
Auburn: 34 points per game (15)

While on paper, the offensive edge goes to Auburn in most categories, there is no question that while their numbers are good on paper, the defenses that they have faced are nowhere near the caliber that they will face Friday. And I don’t think anyone would take their offense over the Tide’s.

On Defense, the numbers are reversed as we would expect. The Tiger’s defense doesn’t have the depth or the talent as the one that will be on the other sideline this Friday.

With their running back talking trash and their defensive coordinator blabbing about how they plan to make sure Ingram doesn’t win the Heisman against them. The Tigers better come to play, because we know the Tide sure will.

We will break down the game further later in the week.


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