Friday, November 20, 2009

Reasons Why Mark Ingram is BETTER than Ben Tate

Auburn's Ben Tate has successfully put his foot in his mouth after rambling to reporters last weekend before Auburn's game vs. UGA.

Tate said, “I know I’m the best back in the state,” Tate told the network. “I bet if you went and broke down film and asked teams in the SEC who is the best back in the state, I feel like it’s me.”

While we don't know what world he is living in to think he even comes close to the talent of Ingram, the rest of us who watch college football can easily see the wide gap between the two. And while Ingram is too much of a class act to respond to Tate's words, it is up to us to do it for him and enlighten Tate as to why he can't even be mentioned along side of Ingram when it comes to talent.

So here are Five little stats that are definitely in Ingram's favor:

1. Total Yards Rushing: Not only does Ingram have the edge here, but he leads the SEC in total yards this season at 1,297. If you look to third in the conference you'll find Tate with 1,142 total yards so far this season.

Ingram 1- Tate 0

2. Average Yards Per Game: Again, at the top of the list you'll find Ingram averaging 129.7 yards per game compared to Tate's 114.2 yards per game. Tate is again third on that list.

Ingram 2- Tate 0

3. Rushing Touchdowns: Ingram actually is not alone at the top of this list, he is tied at 10 rushing touchdowns with Florida's Tim Tebow. Tied at third again with Ole Miss's Dexter McCluster is Tate with 8 rushing touchdowns.

Ingram 3- Tate 0

4. Average Yards Per Carry: While not at the top of the list Mark Ingram comes in second only to McCluster's 7.1 yards per carry at 6.7 yards per carry to his name. Tate comes in carrying the rock on average 5.6 yards per carry.

Ingram 4- Tate 0

5. Receiving Yards and Touchdowns: Ingram has 25 receptions for 225 yards and 3 touchdowns through the air. Tate on the other hand has caught 16 passes for 88 yards and no touchdowns.

Ingram 5- Tate 0

By the way Ingram has done all of this on 197 carries while Tate has carried the ball 205 times. I guess Tate get half a point for getting the most carries of the two.

If that is not enough let's look at how the two did against the same opponents defenses. Alabama have both played 6 of the same SEC teams this season. They are Arkansas, Kentucky, Ole Miss, Tennessee, LSU, and Mississippi State.

Ingram: 17 carries/50 yards/ 1 TD
Tate: 22/184/2

Ingram 5- Tate 1

Ingram: 22 carries/ 140 yards/ 2 TD
Tate: 31 carries/ 132/ 1TD

Ingram 6- Tate 1

Ole Miss:
Ingram: 28 carries/ 172 yards/ 1 TD
Tate: 25 carries/ 144 yards/ 1 TD

Ingram 7- Tate 1

Ingram: 18 carries/ 99 yards/ 0 TD
Tate: 25 carries/ 128 yards/ 1 TD

Ingram 7- Tate 2

Ingram: 22 carries/ 144 yards/ 0 TD
Tate: 18 carries/ 67 yards/ 0 TD

Ingram 8- Tate 2

Mississippi State:
Ingram: 19 carries/ 149 yards/ 2 TD
Tate: 20 carries/ 157 yards/ 1 TD

With this one it could be a close tie, but the tie breaker for the Miss. State game has to be Ingram's 4 receptions for 66 yards and another TD.

Final Score: Ingram 9- Tate 2

Game, Set, Match!!!!


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